A fatal flaw in our roads

It’s the main reason why motorcycle manufactures need to fit compliant suspension to road bikes…… Are you listening Triumph?

At long last they have seen the light and softened up the current 765rs, something they didn’t advertise. So I bought one (again) while its such a good package for real road riding. Other models really need the same treatment though.

It’s not an unfair point but I think I’d rather we had our roads fixed. Unlikely now the economy had been screwed, of course.

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You wouldn’t mind so much if the money was genuinely tight. But the way they squander it, waste it, and scandle after scandle, there’s plenty there to maintain the roads.


Sure you haven’t just put some weight on? :grin:

I’m pretty sure that years ago even B roads had reasonable road surfaces. The lack of investment on the roads today is a scandal given how much is raised through road tax and VAT on petrol. As has been said the situation is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. :rage: