Avon Tyres UK no more

Bad news for sidecar teams too as they were the main supplier by a long way.
Not nice for anyone.

Guess I should hang my head in shame, I did use Avons in my earlier biking years but Metzeler have been my tyre of choice in recent years. Sorry Avon. :pensive:

Avon was the snotty one in Blake’s Seven.

Avon served me well on the two Bonnevilles I had and they are currently on the Guzzi.

Cannot get on with Metzler, binned them off the Bonnie and my Tiger 900


Not managed to find an alternative to the Avon Cobra’s on my Speedmaster as the OEM spec is for radials on the rear, every other brand only seem to do bias-ply in the required size. Guess they’ll have to do from next year.

Shame they have gone to the wall. In the good old days of the late 70s it was Avon Roadrunners that were the go to tyre. I have Avon Spirit 2s on my T509 and find them perfect for me, suppose I will have to look elsewhere if and when I need to replace them.

I think Avon Tyres will continue to be produced, just not in the UK :wink: it’s the site that’s not competitive not the brand.

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Always an easy choice for me, Avons on my classics and Bonneville Pirellis on the quicker stuff