Bike sales are booming (MCN)

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Yep can confirm this. My Interceptor sold within a couple of weeks. Had a few time wasters like you always do, but did not take long to go. And second hand prices are really good at the moment.


Ive been offered £1k more for my 2012 T100 than i paid for it 15months ago, second hand prices are booming alongside.

Nice. I’ve heard a few stories like that now. I’m hoping it’ll be same with my car, which I’ll be changing in the next few months.


You should do well, I hear 80’s Lada’s are fetching near to £100 now. :wink: :laughing:

With a full tank of fuel obviously :rofl:

Maybe time to consider a change, but looking on autotrader, my “nearly classic” :thinking::scream::joy: Yamarharhar TDM price seems fairly static