Bye bye badman

Well, all the bother in France has kippered Charlie boy’s visit


Where as we only adjusted our monocles, put the teaspoon onto the saucer and exclaimed “I say, bad show old fella!” When they wanted to raise our pension age to 68

Indeed. My wife, like many, was robbed of six years worth of pension she spent most of her life expecting, and Ros Altman told the government they were jolly annoyed, actually :smirk:

I happen to be listening to a podcast about the Domesday book and how it followed William’s successful conquering in 1066. At least the French are only laying waste to their own property now. :smile:

I would say that revolting is a typical French trait, but I wouldn’t want to offend @Hubaxe :face_with_monocle::kissing_heart:

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Don’t worry, I do not represent the whole country myself.
But yes, I admit I participated a fair number of protestations in my life (always quiet and peaceful). And sometime it worked.


I must admit to admiring the French(and that’s not easy for an Englishman @Hubaxe )for their determination and aggression when protesting. I wish we English, nay British were more beligerent. We moan a lot don’t we ?, but that’s all. I’ve always been very disappointed that we don’t vandalise speed cameras, either by painting the glass black or simply putting black bin bags over them.


Debout, les damnes de la terre…!

I’m holding off booking anything in France for my planned(?) ride down to Italy later. In fact I’m thinking of binning the journey completely because of the French protests, they have a habit of dragging the ferries into any dispute. Plus I’ve been in France when they did this and blockaded the petrol refineries as well, it wasn’t fun. I had a look at the harwich to hook of holland but that’s expensive. I do wish we still had the felixstowe to zeebrugge/ostend option then I could avoid France altogether this year. Maybe it’s time for that Scottish tour that I keep putting off (bloody midgies…).

Two years ago the Norwegian farmers were protesting wildly against the annual price and subsidies negotiations. They went so far as dumping a load of manure outside of the Dept of Agriculture. Please note that they very considerately rolled out a tarpaulin first. Didn’t want to be a nuisance, you know.

My thoughts at the time went to the French farmers who block the roads with burning tyres and ram their tractors into department stores.

Considerately place the manure and stick a sign in it then stand around and have a nice chat while your point is made. Excellent job all round.

Although that messaage on the truck does translate as “FIX THE SUBSIDIES OR WE’RE COMING FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.” :grin:

Not exactly, but yours was better.

Only Paris and the south of France have petrol issues.
Where I live (not far from Geneva and Italy) no issue at all.
About the ferries that’s another story. When is your travel planned?

In case you’re stuck, or need a stop

My wife is currently 2 weeks in UK and come back for the week end. So far so good, but she could be stuck in Schiphol if the last plane to Lyon turns out to be cancelled…

So far it’s not getting into violence, I agree.
I liked the 2008 protests. I did all of them (taking days off) and sometimes take the kids with me. So they know what it is.
The purpose was against the national education system change (and potentially 13500 teachers removed).

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I’ve found a good method to avoid any problems in France. Sail direct to Santander and give my money to the much nicer people in Spain :smiley:


I used Hull to Zeebrugge for the old forum trip to the Moselle valley. I think it goes to Rotterdam now. Good way to get across for me, hour and a spit from Nottingham, might be worth a look :slightly_smiling_face:


Not heading off until late May early June, date not set in stone yet. I’m looking at the French protests as a slow burner, Macron lit the blue touch paper and I’m expecting it to keep burning for a while yet!
Thanks for the offer, very generous of you :handshake: My plan was to pass through Besancon and stop around there for a few days before heading into Switzerland. I’m very interested in wildlife, insects, birds mammals etc and there is a good wildlife reserve around there for us to explore.
My preference is camping, but I’m still not sure which bike to use, the Trophy takes us and the camp kit, but the meteor can’t carry the camping kit so it would rule out camp sites. But I do like the meteor for touring slowly around country lanes in the heat. The trophy is a bit big and warm for that.
I’m definitely not planning ahead this year though, however I nearly always travel without set plans and camping in France is so easy especially outside of the peak July/Aug.
I think I’m derailing this thread!
Thanks again.

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I did the sailing to Spain last year, swore I’d never go there again, or at least not until they sort out the border controls. 2hrs getting out of the port was just too much.
I’ve never sailed from Hull, I’ll look into that. Thanks.

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