Caffeine and plane spotting

I had a nice ride out to Shobdon Airport cafe this afternoon as the promised rain didn’t materialise and as I hadn’t been before. I got there via a road that I was a bit tentative on on my 125 and I hadn’t been on since passing my test until yesterday - it was lovely to do again as in fact it’s a brilliant road and it’s good to look back and see how much I have progressed as the bends that I used to feel were difficult on my first few rides out I now enjoy and cannot see what my issue was :laughing:. I was flying along today happy and relaxed and just enjoying the lovely scenery.

The cafe is at a small airfield that used to be RAF Shobdon. I only had coffee but the homemade cakes looked delicious and I believe the breakfasts are lovely too. I sat outside and enjoyed my coffee whilst doing a bit of plane spotting and then came home. Only just over 40 miles in total, but a very nice little trip out.

Not sure if this pilot gives his passenger a bumpy ride…

All sorts of aircraft were there…



There’s something rather fun about little airfields. Some nice pics from your ride - thanks! I think I may have to start capturing these places in another map.


You’re certainly getting some good use out of your bike and you’ve come a long way since your “learning” days. Well done you.

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That would be brilliant, I know it’s a big ask though!

Thanks! I am on it every chance I get pretty much and obviously still have a lot of learning and experience to gain, but days like today make me realise I’ve also come a long way.


You must be clocking up the miles nicely on the stripple. Reminds me when I got my first one, I literally couldn’t stay off it!


It takes a bit of time and effort’ but I’m happy to do it, and I like having it for rideouts. I’ll see about reviving something for here.

I hear very similar things from Rachel about her Ducati. It’s great to hear how much fun you’re both having. Her only regret is not getting a bike sooner.

Rach did a Bikesafe course a couple of weeks ago. I’ve asked if she’d write it up and she said she would. For being nervous about it beforehand she ended up really enjoying the day. Her next endeavour is a slow-speed handling course for a morning at the Ducati Dragons weekend bash.


Yes, I wish I had done it much sooner too. My Bikesafe a couple of weeks back I was also nervous about having only passed my test about 12 weeks beforehand but it was a brilliant day, I have to agree with Rach - and actually it was the right time to do it for me I think. It did a lot for my confidence in that I was a better rider than I thought and I was able to apply what we were coached in and see an improvement fairly quickly (for me, varying my road positioning more as I was still riding in the sort of “DVSA test” positions was the main one and changing gear less often). The slow speed course does sound interesting too.

I won’t spoil her write-up but suffice to say she did quite well and was encouraged by the feedback.

I’m hoping Rachel will contribute more stuff about her experiences. Her enthusiasm (like yours) reminds me why bikes are so great. We need more lady bikers, too!


Sounds great, I’ll look forward to the write up! Yes to more lady bikers too :+1:.


Sometimes just a little trundle on the bike is as good as a long ride @MrsVisor :smiley: