Category Image Loading Performance

Is anyone seeing performance issues with the images used for the categories? Specifically, any that are slow to load.

If you are, please would you identify which category, note the device (computer or mobile, age or specification etc), whether you have the same sort of issue with any other areas of this forum or other sites.


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None at all on the categories I’ve been on. All good.,

I’m the one that initially raised this issue and I think I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill. By ‘slow’ I meant takes a couple of seconds to load the icon images on the Categories page - which I see ‘filling’ in as Firefox draws them from top to bottom. This is on a fast desktop PC [1] with a 15Mb/s ADSL internet connection (which will be the bottleneck in this process). As a test, I just used tried that page on my Nokia X10 mobile phone (3G connection as have bad signal) and image loading was a lot worse, and the Welcome logo rendered in 4 steps about half a second between each.

This will be due to the fact that even though they are only a couple of hundred pixels across on the screen, some of the images themselves are very big. E.g. that ‘Welcome’ logo is 1920x1280 pixels and 529kB which seemed a bit excessive so I suggested to Octoberon than perhaps they should be scaled to a smaller size for a little better user experience.

[1] Intel i7-9700 CPU with 32GB RAM and NVMe ‘disk’

Never had any issues.

I normally access the site via my iPad connected to Wi-Fi and I’ve never seen any performance issues.

I do most of my work on a 2015 MacBook Pro, so it’s nothing fancy but up to the job. My internet is around 30Mbps on a good day. Nevertheless, I’ve always meant to go back to the images and streamline things a bit, so I’ll bring some uniformity to the dimensions and sizes and see if that helps.

Thanks, I didn’t mean to cause so much hassle. If it helps, and you have Imagemagic installed on the server, then you can resize images to be no more than a given width (e.g. 512) with something like:

convert -resize ‘512>’ in.jpg out.jpg

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Who doesn’t love a good CLI. :slight_smile:

I live mostly in the GUI, no emacs or vi here :slight_smile: But for precision or repeatability you can’t beat the CLI and scripts.

Yeah… I find that my WtFs are completely overwhelmed by the lack of s3nc3 displayed by the logic controller… usually turns out to be operator error though! :roll_eyes: fancy that!!!

Sounds like a flux vector drive issue

And the Spam has taken months to load, in fact mine doesn’t load at all….


I have not had any problems on either my iPhone 11 or my laptop. All good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Flux vectors can be a right bastard, get right on my wick they do. :rage: :rage:

Just poped into my head… if you ever hear any techy type call something a PICNIC problem, they’re saying your thick… problem in chair, not in computer.

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There’s lot’s of similar variations used by IT helldesk people e.g. PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard) :wink:


All over my head!!
Gimme a spanner or a welder………

Don’t let them blind you with science. What they’re basically saying is…. If it’s a problem, switch it off and on again.

… with a hammer…

That’s why you straighten my gear levers and I connect your bluetooth devices. :grin:

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