Emissions charges

I’m going to Sportsbikeshop in Birmingham later, want to try on a new jacket for our Norway trip. As it’s pissing down and not showing signs of easing, I suggested to Rose that we go to a live gig at 15.00. Plotted my route and noticed that the second leg took us through the town centre. I remembered my son in law saying that he could drive his petrol 07 Picasso in the town centre, but only by a few months due to emissions. So I went on the website to see if my 59 plate Picasso 3 diesel was also free. Robbing c***s want £8 for a single pass of a 2 mile stretch of the A38. So a detour it is then. I’m going round the M42 in case of diversions in town.

I’ve turned a few jobs down recently because of Brum’s Clean Air Zone and London’s ULEZ. If they don’t want my car there that’s fine, ban me. But charging me money in this manner seems a tad hypocritical-you are free to “pollute” as long as you pay. :smirk:

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It’s all geared up for the wealthy to gain from in my opinion. We plebs who run old motors subsidise those who can afford the latest expensive electrics and hybrid limos.


Not sure it is about folk who run new cars, but definitely a money making scam for the local council in all major towns and cities :rage:

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I watch this chap from time to time on Youtube. He is an acquired taste but I like his direct style. Ex HMS Sheffield Falklands vet I believe.

@TallPaul, have you ordered jackets to try in Sportsbikeshop? I only ask because I know a lot of people are not aware that you can order stuff to be sent to your local shop in as many colours or sizes as you want with no obligation to buy.

Hi HV, that’s exactly what I did. Went to Erdington where all the sizes were delivered in for me. The one I liked had already been tried on and the labels were removed. The arm zips didn’t run well as the liner had snagged on them. I told the assistant and he ordered the correct size and colour to be delivered next day. It came at 10.30 this morning. Top service.

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I’m happy to report that the jacket has arrived at my abode and following a quick ride this morning, it both fits and is comfortable. First textile suit I’ve bought that looks like it was made to measure. See what Norwegian weather can do to spoil it for me!


What you got mate, always good to get recommendations :wink:

We even have a category for that. :slight_smile:

@HelmutVisor I have responded in the Bike Gear category. (Saves Saul moving it)