European day trip

Well, we nipped across the boarder into southern Ireland so technically we went to europe :rofl:
This was always a favourite run of mine but since covid struck I stopped boarder hopping. So 3 or more years since I had ridden these roads, had a mate with me who had never done these roads. Absolutely brilliant! Constant twisty roads for 150 miles, every type of twisty road and never any traffic! You hit a few small towns and villages where you see some 4 wheel vehicles about and thats pretty much it. Scenery is nothing spectacular but this route is purely for the roads! There are quite a lot of lakes and typical Irish countryside. Set off earlyish at 8.00 so a bit of a nippy start but the sun kept rearing its head to remind us it was summer. Didn’t take many photos but I did think to grab a few…
One of the many lakes

And a couple from the top of a reservoir wall

I brilliant days riding! We also snuck in a lap of the Tandragee race course… what a track! More tired than usual afterwards. Must be a sign of a great day :grinning:


Sounds like a brilliant day; that lake just begs for you to swim in it!!! Must be nice to have got back to one of your favourite runs - another sign that “normality” is returning.

It was brilliant to get back on those roads. Hard to believe its been over 3 years! I would normally have been down that way 4-5 times every year.

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Just noticed the tail pack :wink:. Hopefully it worked for you!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, brilliant job! It’s nicer not having the bag in front of you… flask of tea and sandwiches were packed :yum:


Fantastic european trip @Andyc1 :grinning: