Featured Top Posts on the Home Page

The visually astute among you will notice that there’s been another update to the forum tonight. On the home page you’ll now see up to five tiles showing featured top topics. If you hover your mouse over a tile you’ll see the title and the poster’s avatar. You can click the tile and go straight to the topic.

Topics are picked randomly from the last month and will switch around automatically. You’ll soon see what I mean. To be in the draw, the topic must have the ‘featured’ tag, which anyone can add to their own entries. Only use it on topics with a picture or the tile will be a grey square, which looks very dull indeed. I’ll also be adding the tag to topics that are worth boosting so yours may appear even if it wasn’t you who tagged it.

Because the forum is about bikes, keep your use of the ‘featured’ tag to posts about motorcycles rather than something random from the Speakeasy. Abusers will have their tag removed and be made to sit on the naughty step.

If you don’t iike the tiles at all, you can switch it off in your user preferences under ‘Interface’. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of that page.

And while we’re talking about user preferences, did you know you can change the default home page if you don’t want to see ‘Latest’ posts and prefer, say, the ‘Categories’ page? Well, you can. TTFN.