French Trip

Yep I will sort it tomorrow.


Ok here you go @Bloodknot

Day 1. Bournemouth, The Riviera Hotel
Day 2. Cherbourg , travelling to La Petite Maison pres de L’Eglise hotel in Meillac
Day 3. Travelled to Appart Hotel in Quimper
Day4. Travelled to The Orininals City Hotel in Saint-Nazaire
Day 5. Travelled to La Maison Fleurie (gite) in Saint-mars-sur-Colmont
Day 6. Day out to Fougeres
Day 7. Day out to Sainte-Suzanne-sur-Vire
Day 8. Day out to Mount-Saint-Michel
Day 9. Day out to Domfront, La Ferte Mace and Lassay-les-Chateaux
Day 10. Day out to Saint-Mere-Eglise and then on to Cherbourg for the ferry
Day 11. Poole in Dorset home to Cheshire and Shaw for Andy.


Well. Brilliant write up, and pictures to boot. Glad that a great time was had by all.



Did any one inquire about the prices you were paying for fuel?

Not sure James but I think it was around the 1.75 Euro mark so quite a bit dearer than UK price which is about £1.34 now. @Hubaxe will no doubt be able to be more exact.

I’m paying an average of £1.43 up here.

1,75 are the cheapest prices now, and the area of Brittany/Normandy usually get cheaper prices (closer to refineries)
Depending the area, we are currently around 1,85 Euro/L for SP95, closer to 2 eur/L on motorways.

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Yes now you mention the prices, I do think we were paying a bit more than 1.75 but we didn’t use the autoroutes.

Around my way the E10 rubbish fuel costs £1.50 a litre so virtually the same.

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I think on the main autoroutes which I think we used a couple of time the fuel was circa €2 a litre. Most of the time we were paying between €1.74 to €1.84 a litre.


Hard luck… I paid £1.49 at Tesco’s on Sunday for their super unleaded. I won’t put that e10 shoite in my bike or car and the extra expense is easily offest by the increase in mpg I get using it.

I filled the tank with E10 at Ludlow Co op yesterday, £1.40/litre

I’ve posted this before, but for anyone who missed it, I’ve got a phone app called Petrol Prices. Just type in the town where you are and it lists all the local filling stations in order of their current prices. I got diesel in Carlisle Tesco last week for £1.41.9.


That’s what I used whilst sipping a latte in Ludlow!

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