Is it just me?

So you decide you need a new laptop or microwave or phone. You go online, do a bit of research, and order one. Then for the next six weeks you get bombarded with messages trying to sell you new laptops or microwaves or phones. (Do they think I’m starting a microwave collection?) Oh, the joys of computer-aided capitalism. I sort of understand how this works. But is about to get even worse?

Yesterday I met an acquaintance in the street, and we had a brief chat, in the course of which she mentioned that she had met a mutual friend for coffee at the Laurieston Gallery, and asked me if I had ever been there. (It’s a cafe/picture gallery in a nearby village.) I said yes, a long time ago, and the conversation passed on. I’ve never been there since, or looked it up online or even thought about it.

This morning I was looking at one or two Facebook groups I follow (motorbikes and literature), and up popped a little story from…Laurieston Gallery.

Coincidence, paranoia or something else?

Big brother’s watching you :scream:

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A combination of both, perhaps - but certainly peculiar…

It could be a coincidence. While it may seem strange, how many other times has something landed on your screen that you haven’t mentioned recently.

Or it could be that Google/Facebook etc. know where you are at all times via GPS, saw that you and a known aquaintance were in close proximity for a while, decided you were likely in conversation, identified mutual interests and fed you ads based on that assessment because people talk about things they have in common.

Welcome to corporate surveillance 2024.

For a giggle at last years Assen TT trip we decided that we would test the surveillance theory.
It was hysterical.
The idea was that we had to pop the word “ SHED” in at random times in any conversation to see if our phones were listening.
The first person to have a “SHED “ based link pop up on their phone won.
No one had any thing …! But it was very funny when someone would get shed into a random conversation…!
Ooh that beer got me I need a ….Shed …!


Facebook and Whatsapp definitely are listening, I was told by by a friend who works at GCHQ

They’re more interested in the metdata than the message content. That’s why WhatsApp still has end-to-end encryption.

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Next time walk into one big shop …do the research there, buy one you like and afterwards live in peace,

Ive never had this happen much till I got an iphone last year, every device I get, the first thing I do is turn off every privacy option I can find. Iphone is on another level though. It’s definitely watching/listening to you!

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I’ve stopped worrying about big brother watching me via my phone or PC, working on the assumption that there so many other ways to find out what I’m up to :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m so dull that my phone keeps going into sleep mode.


Why worry if its watching, if you not doing anything worth watching, and if its subtly running your life for you, then theres not a thing you can do about it anyway.

Smartphones are definitely listening, here are some recent examples we have noticed, sometimes discussed at home, sometimes in the car -

  • Chatting about me buying a new motorcycle, up popped adverts for motorbikes and “we buy any bike dot com”
  • Mentioned that the lawnmower may need a new switch, up popped adverts for lawnmowers
  • Discussing fitting a new garage door, yep, up came the garage door adverts
  • And not so long ago we had a funeral to arrange and were flooded with adverts for funerals and cremation

Big Brother is watching us right enough.


Definitely. I only mentioned Anal Intruder 5000 once!


Always worth thinking about search history on a shared laptop too!! :smile:


For a while I kept randomly shouting dildo if front of my boss to see if he would get and funny adds :rofl:



And there’s this version. :slight_smile: