Leaving on a jet plane

…I do know when I’ll be back again.

Not really a forum announcement so I’ve chucked it in here.

I once saw a tweet that said:

Just got a message from a friend saying, “I’m going on holibobs with my famalam!”

Sorry, I mean ex-friend.

Well it made me laugh. I am also off on what must be called ‘vacation’ under the circumstances. I will still be hereabouts but service may be a little slower and there won’t be much changing on the forum until next week as I won’t have my laptop with me. Also, Rachel will kill me if I do this while we’re on hols. If anything goes horribly wrong (which it shouldn’t) I may also be compromised trying to fix things on the back end.

Just wanted to mention it because we all know how annoying an absent admin can be…


Have a nice trip. We’ll try not to break it while you’re gone.


Thank you. I would appreciate that. :joy:

Enjoy your holiday!!

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Yes enjoy your holibobs !!

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Miss you already


Hope the sun shines on your face and a gentle breeze whispers softly on your back.

Stay safe, stay well, stay happy. :sunglasses:

Cheers, Adie. :slightly_smiling_face: