Mavericks Community Motorbike Garage (MCN)

Looks like a fun place and worth a trip out :grinning:

Agreed. Fancy meeting up and heading over there sometime?

Yep, we should get something in the diary. There are loads of members in the North that I’m sure we could round up.

I’d be interested in that, if l can blag a day off. :slightly_smiling_face:

It wuld have to be a weekend or bank holiday for me. I can’t get time off at the moment.

Too busy doing forum admin :joy:

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Fine by me. On that Bonneville a bit of extra traffic is neither arsehole nor breakfast. Not going to be tearing up the strip :laughing:

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It is only 46 minutes from mine, so a meet at J&S at Delamere and a trundle along the north wales coast road should do it. Did I mention that J&S do a fine english breakfast.

BTW it’s closed at the weekend seemingly…

Well that’s not very convenient.

You may find more up to date info here too-