Motor Cycle Weekly 1st November 1975

A drawing by Lawrie Watts from Motor Cycle Weekly. I’ve got rid of the title “Meriden’s latest ‘left foot’ Bonneville” and associated wordage so one can just luxuriate (eh? I’m probably thinking of another word but that’s what my brain gave me) in the picture.


As a boy of about 6, (1976) my dad used to have these on his shed walls and I used to stare at them for ages and try to see how they work.
I was always amazed (and still I still am) at how someone even starts to think of designing this stuff.


It’s a really good drawing. I know these engines pretty well and haven’t spotted a mistake, even the Champion sparkplugs have the correct number on them. I’ll keep looking :slightly_smiling_face:


There are collectors of these “technical drawings” and schematics, i absolutely love them, proper art.