Ok… life’s poor choices…

I’m not the only one to do this kind of muppetry… currently bidding a daft price on a quality biker jacket on eBay! An alcohol fuelled gambit that I’m not 100% sure I want to get, due to the unsure sizing (but huge bargain if it is right, but maybe too big)… not expecting to win… but occasionally, it pays off! (More details to follow if I win)
So what dubious gambles have you taken for the biker life??? Have you won a great deal on eBay… or maybe a stupid bet at the local club? Let’s have the gory details… was it alcohol fuelled, was there a potential sexy involvement driving your gamble?
Come on… make pissed up ebaying look like a vegan without attention… how much trouble have you really got into with your other half???


No, you are not. I’ve bid on plenty of bike gear on ebay and won my fair share and to be absolutely honest, some of it was a poor fit.
Richa leather trousers, perfect and only £15 - I’ve still got them.
Barbour International Steve McQueen jacket - way too tight and why did i buy it anyway?
Alpinestars gloves - hopelessly small.
Scott leather jacket - just awful.
Buffalo textile jacket and trousers - poor fit and a bit naff but only cost me 99p. :grimacing:


2003, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after a few years of chronic aches and pains I’d associated with crashes, turns out it was rheumatoid. Sat down one afternoon shortly after and bought 400 suzuki race bike, a used horsebox which i turned into my race trailer, one piece leathers and booked course at Leamington to regain my racing licence, like you do…