Onboard cameras

I always thought a thunderbox was one of these. I must be getting behind the times…


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That’s what I’m fitting - every convenience!

The Thunderbox arrived today and was quickly and easily fitted in under 5 minutes.

The usual suspects connect to the battery and you connect the switched live from your accessory into the orange connection box.

The unit powers up once the engine is running and switches off after a slight delay once the engine stops.

If you want it to come on with just the ignition then you need to connect the white wire to a switched live feed (which sort of defeats the object for me!).

Camera fitted and connected - all working :sunglasses:


Mine arrived today as well, and is connected up. I just have to find a convenient spot to affix it. Like you, the purpose of the white wire rather eludes me…

Camera’s are yet to arrive, so I’ll decide where to affix the thunderbox when fitting those.


Interesting, I’ll have to study a thunderbox thing at some point.


Camera’s arrived, so time to fit them. First remove right hand side fairings so as to be able to run the front camera- and gps module cables.

Gps module behind the screen:

Front camera underneath headlight:

Rear camera underneath top box:

All neatly tidied up, main module and power supply under pillion seat. I had to remove the USB phone charger that was fitted there to make room. No issue as I don’t use that anyway.


Can I join the dashcam gang please? :laughing:

So as I hinted earlier whether I went ahead or not depended very much on my installation options. The XR has a very usable under-seat storage, which I use for disk lock and puncture repair kit on day rides, when on tour a substantial chain and lock (for overnight security) sits there keeping its weight central and reasonably low. Losing that space is not an option!

Having a good poke around I decided there is probably enough space behind the LH body panel for the dvr module, connectors, and to lose the excess cables.
Having looked at a few reviews I decided on the Vantrue Falcon1, so yet another different offering on this forum, just Google for better reviews on the actual system.
The negatives of this approach is there’s a shed load of body panels (7) that need removing for installation, and if I ever have problems with the SD card I’m in for a lengthy job. Hey-ho.


I made up a bracket to sit the dvr on, the Vantrue instructions seem to imply a preference to mounting it horizontally (possibly needed for best operation of the G sensor & wifi). File download is via 5.0Ghz wifi.
The bracket…

DVR installed…

The switch control (which also houses microphone and gps antenna) I decided to fit on the brake reservoir. I’ll probably tape it up for protection whenever a brake fluid refresh is needed.

It was plan B for the front camera mounting, plan A was simply stick it under the nose but a video check showed the silly plastic wings were going to always show in the top of shot, which would bug me. I did consider mounting above in the air duct but I know the XR has fancy ecu controlled inlet flaps (as well as exhaust) so didn’t want to risk upsetting the engine.
So it was out with the aly sheet again :roll_eyes:, another bracket to mount the front camera slightly lower and further forward…

Satin black rattle can, and job done…

The rear camera is mounted under the rack and even when top box is fitted should have unobstructed sight, if mounted to the lic plate hanger it would make the key operated seat release awkward. Even so the rack had to come off so I could grind an offending tooling pad away to give a smooth surface for the camera mount…

As both cameras are “hung” from their mounts I decided to make use of the threaded insert on the mounts just incase the adhesive pads give out. Even this was not straight forward, Vantrue have used a non-standard course pitch thread, fortunately I had some non-standard screws knocking about in that special tin of “stuff you’ll never need”.

The Vantrue has a 3 wire power connection, a 2amp fuse is supplied for the battery connection (I checked, the unit only draws 0.5amp when running). Fortunately I found my XR has a spare connection in the loom for an optional under-seat DIN or USB socket, so I managed to source the appropriate connector to provide the IGN feed required. The CANbus system shuts it down after 30sec or so from ignition off.

Having routed all the wires there’s just the remaining task of losing all the considerable excess…

And getting all those body panels back on…
Tedious, but no problem, that is until you get to the last (top of tank) panel which is a complete bitch to get the spring clips to latch in properly. Done it a couple of times now and it doesn’t get any easier, still searching for “the knack”. On the plus side I didn’t have any fasteners left over. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Can’t you just tell it’s been raining for ever and this ol’ pensioner’s got nothing better to do. If it ever dries up I might actually get out and record something!


Great job - and a supremely helpful installation/inspiration write-up for anyone else considering the same move!


Congratulation and welcome to the club. Nice neat installation job there. :grinning:


Genius install.
My Bricklayer level of mechanical ability would have utilised a big hammer and move anything that was in the way and then get the Duct tape out and bodge a repair…!


I won’t join the club. I don’t want anyone to view my poor riding skills :sweat_smile:


I’ll be photoshopping mine. :wink:


An excellent guide to how to fit an onboard camera discreetly - a very professional installation, Col. It has convinced me more than ever that I will continue to live happily without one…


And I would too…
But the rain hasn’t stopped for weeks now… and I got bored. :slightly_smiling_face:


Judging by the local weather forecast you’ll have all kinds of things installed over the next few weeks …