Oops a daisy DVLA

Someone who i may or may not be married to has just had their driving licence returned after an address change. They have been credited with an “A” entitlement. She is about to start formal motorcycle training this year with a view to go up to a 350 enfield next year, its really tempting to put her through all the training and observed rides and rides with me on a 125 then just not bother with the test parts…

Tempting unless the insurer finds out…

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Yes very tempting. It makes a change from the A being removed from licences.

I was thinking about that but when they ballsed my licence up, years back, gave me HGV1, left off motorcycle i rang them up and they asked me when i passed, i could remember the year but not the date so i just made up a date, they took my word for it and it’s appeared on my licence ever since.

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Definitely years back as you could actually ring 'em!
Lazy feckers nowadays as they don’t want to go back to the office ffs

Used to be able to go in and talk to them too, in the local offices…


You can check your licence entitlements and penaties etc. online.


The computer says Yes! :joy:


Are there any numbers to the side of the A entitlement? Could be a caveat with it.

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Yeah the correct one, my wife had undiagnosed measles as a child and has cornea damage in one eye, she has to be wearing glasses or contact lenses.