Persistent Precipitation for the next two weeks

The BBC Weather app indicates that it is going to be wet for the next two weeks so it was a no brainer to go out on the Speed Twin today.
It was a visit to AV8 (Cotswold Airport) for a coffee and a look round. Not a lot happening wit just two helicopters and a couple of small aircraft taking off and landing.

There are two ex RAF Buccaneers parked up with no access or the ability to get close to photograph.

The Bristol Britannia aircraft is still located at the airport and is open on event days.

There is also a WW2 bunker waiting for the next invasion.

WW11 Bunker

Nice coffee and a sticky bun and a good trip out.


I always find the BBC weather very pessimistic. The overview shows rain every day then when you open the day it shows a light shower at 9pm or something stupid.:confused:

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Are you still finding them pessimistic…?
It hasn’t stopped raining since the above post… :joy:

Unfortunately they do seem to have been right :confused:
Our little corner of Cumbria has had some lovely days lately though, sod the rest of the country :joy:


Importantly the focast for Sunday evening looks fair here. Roads should be quiet! :grinning::+1::+1: