Photo Competition Rules

The Competition

The theme of this year’s competition is ‘The Triumph Motorcycle’. Members may enter the competition by providing a photograph they have taken showing all or part of a Triumph motorcycle. The winner will be selected by popular vote by forum members. Please read the rules before entering.

In addition to the main prize, the twelve most popular photos (including the first prize winner) will be used to create a Triumph Motorcycle Forum calendar for 2024 with half of all profits going to the Midlands Air Ambulance charity.

First Prize

First prize in this year’s competition is an original artwork made from a 1977 T140V Triumph Bonneville. This unique presentation has been donated by classic bike restorer/customiser and artist, @Iron.

The piece is 280mm by 280mm (11 inches by 11 inches) square and 65mm (2.5 inches) thick/deep. It weighs 1.870kg, or just over 4 pounds.

The frame is made from 19mm by 9.5mm (3/4 by 3/8 inches) flat aluminium bar, hand cut and polished.

Runners-Up Prize

The twelve most popular photos, including the first prize winner’s, will be used for the 2024 Triumph Motorcycle Forum calendar.

If your photo is selected for the calendar you’ll receive one as a runner-up prize.

Entry Rules

  1. The competition is open to any member of the Triumph Motorcycle Forum.

  2. The closing date for entries is midnight UK time (GMT+1) on 31st July 2023.

  3. The photo must have been taken by the member entering the competition.

  4. Only one photo may be entered per member.

  5. To be eligible for the competition, photos must be posted in Photo Competition Entries 2023 and the original photo also emailed to

  6. The original image must be at least 2280 x 3165 pixels (h x w). That’s an aspect ration of around 4:3 (w/h). Crop images if required.

  7. Use of any sort of photographic equipment, lenses, filters and drones is permitted.

  8. The subject of the photograph does not have to be owned by the photographer but ask permission if appropriate.

  9. There should be no identifying marks in the photograph (e.g. registration number or VIN)

  10. Photographs must not be composite images. They may be cropped and digitally improved to remove spots, scratches or other blemishes. Images must not be photoshopped to the extent they are not representative of the original shot. Adjudication will be made by an independent professional photographer if required.

  11. Photographs must not depict anyone in a dangerous situation or be taken in a hazardous location.

  12. If you take a photograph in a private location you must have permission if necessary.

  13. You retain the copyright of your photo entry but give permission for reproduction on the forum and forum merchandise.

  14. Forum administrators and moderators are not eligible to enter the competition. Professional photographers are also not eligible. For the purposes of the competition, a professional photographer is considered to be someone who earns more than half their income from photography.

Voting and Adjudication

  1. The winner of the first prize will be the person who receives the most votes from the forum membership.

  2. Members have twelve votes available. Only one vote can be cast per entry. Members do not have to use all twelve votes and may reallocate their votes at any time before the closing date for the competition.

  3. Votes cast by a member for their own entry will be discarded after the competition closes and the results are verified.

  4. If there is a tie for the first prize between three or more entries, voting will be reset and members may vote for one of the tied entries. If there is a still a tie for first place after the second round of voting it will be reset again for the remaining highest tied entries. When only two entries are tied, a final round of voting will determine the winner. If this results in another tie, the winner will be selected by an independent professional photographer.

  5. If two or more photos are tied for the runners-up prize, resulting in more then twelve winners, the final selection will be made by an independent professional photographer.

  6. Winners will be announced on the forum.

Prize Delivery

Postage and packing for the main and runners-up prizes will be included but if a winner is outside the UK they will be required to cover any import duty.

Calendars will be posted to the runners-up once they’re available.