Posting CO² cartridge

Hi, so, I am selling my Helite airbag vest, great…but I need to post it (Oxfordshire to Norfolk); but I seemingly can’t because I can’t legally ship the CO².

Surely there is a way to ship this, if not Royal Mail, but even other couriers don’t do CO²…

This stuff gets delivered to us all the time…so why can’t we send it!?

It might just be air mail its banned from, you could go to a local post office and verify. I’ve recieved lithium batteries with a sticker saying no air mail.

Yeah, thats the thing…we all happily get batteries, chemicals, CO2/pressurised containers in the post - from a company… But sending it from “personal to personal”…seems a different thing all together!

I mean…if you were to happen to peruse the “prohibited items” with RM, or Hermees etc …then CO2 is a no-no…!

Why not knock the price of the cartridge off and leave it to the other person to purchase one, legitimately getting posted… be honest with the buyer and they should understand

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Yeah, that is exactly where I was at…but feel the itch needs scratching in the meantime…there MUST be a way that a regular Joe can send stuff (non air mail) that is “Hazardous”?

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I know when ordering aerosol cans of stuff from SportsBikeShop (SBS) that they will only send then by DPD, not Royal Mail, presumably because they don’t want them and DPD are OK. Don’t know about CO2 but SBS sell them too. Also, ordering aerosols from other places have come by Hermes (but they’re so unreliable I would never trust them with anything of mine).

I believe Hermes have changed their name to Evri, presumably because their previous brand reputation was so poor.

Can the Pony Express not roar into action here? :thinking:

Well, this is I guess the sort of thing it is for.

However there’s no one in Norfolk yet.

Also, I would simply feel too bad and guilty to use it yet again, all for my benefit, when I’m already so indebted to it. I mean, it’s supposed to be for everyone…not just Daniels personal postage service!

It’s all ok though. Have simply done as above and removed the gas, and dropped the price. Buyer is happy with that.

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Useful to know what to avoid now :slight_smile:

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What a law-abiding group. I personally wouldn’t dream of just posting the parcel without mentioning the CO2 cartridge…