Promoting the forum

I’ve put this in the Speakeasy rather than as an announcement in case it generates any conversation or questions.

This is a request from me to all you lovely people. :grinning:

If you’re on other forums (not just TTF) or social media, please consider linking back to us here when an opportunity arises to help promote and raise awareness of this forum’s existence. Not as a dedicated promotion drive, just scattering some links arounds and maybe a few encouragng words.

Links back to here from other places helps us get noticed by the web crawlers and will be a significant part of the effort to raise us up the Google rankings. Content is king, but the more we are noticable on the net, the more we’ll see new members coming along to join the fun.

These things take time but I can see how many visits we get from other places and where they come from so we’ll know if it’s having an effect.

Thank you!


No problem promoting the forum. I was actually thinking it would be an idea to have stickers to put on signs on popular bike routes and such, you know the sort of thing, we’ve all seen them. This place is a nice format and has a lot of potential! What I do not want to see though is any sort of rivalry creeping in or talking bad of the original fourm etc.

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Agree wholeheartedly with both your points there. I have thought about merch but not done anything about it until I sort out just what we can or can’t do without upsetting Triumph and their branding. More to come on that in the coming weeks, I hope. Stickers are a good idea (unless you have stickerphobia…it’s a thing, apparently). I hadn’t thought of those specifically.

A bit of mickey-taking is fine but it needs to be in obviously good humour. ‘Ad hominem’ attacks aren’t welcome. I always think of the divisions that exist between car, motorcycle and pushbike users. I own all three! it’s always down to the individuals and the choices they make. Condemn the choices, not the group.

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Yes, well, the Pittakionophobia has got somewhat better than it was, but no mocking of us weirdos please :joy:

Fear of picnics?

If they come with sticky labels…

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I thought it was fear of flatbread…

Or is it flatulence?