Raining today, so l've mainly been

…restoring the Vinaros navy to pre pandemic levels. If it stays inflated l can go and shiver the timbers of a few German and French tourists with their daft little unicorn rings! At the very least l’ll have at them a bit. Ha haaarrrr, me hearties…
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Your clock is slow

Equally, it’s exactly right twice a day :smile:

It is raining here also in Bath. Bike staying under cover

you want to re live Trafalgar :grinning:

I wondered why you lived in a nuclear shelter so I looked up Vinaros Navy and these guys showed up
Screenshot 2022-09-13 132818
As it was already in English:

Obviously the fecal waters are really important so it’s listed twice but I really fancy the Bull rental to annoy my neighbours. :slightly_smiling_face:

I quite like the tasteful work they’ll do on your dead boat.

You’re in no danger, my girls lidl inflatable kayak punctured on loch lomond and that’s what all the Germans will be using.

Today I have been mostly…


Mrs Mouse was making blackberry and apple jam whilst I was out on bike. :slight_smile:


Well, it’s not good. Went back down to the shelter last night and it was as flat as a witch’s tit. Went down like Monica Lewinsky. It’s the dump l’m afraid, no doubt some skip rat will snaffle it, but l don’t fancy taking to the seas in a boat slapped up with puncture repair patches. :confused:

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Like a fat kid on a seesaw

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Can’t be a male clock then…