Scenes from today's ride

Escaped for a few hours today, as the forecast was dryish, if not sunny. Here are a few scenes from the ride.

Carlingwark Loch, Castle Douglas, looking towards Screel Hill and Bengairn.

The road up the Fleet Valley towards Gatehouse Station. (Although called Gatehouse Station, it was actually at Dromore, several miles north of Gatehouse. The line was closed many years ago.)


The Clints of Dromore - an impressive line of cliffs.

Couldn’t resist this one: the Parton Privy. Built in 1901, this octagonal toilet block served the adjoining row of cottages. Now a Category B listed building. Apparently it was also known as the Houses of Parliament.

Loch Ken.


Absolutely stunning!!

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Gorgeous. You’re lucky to have that on your doorstep!

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Minus a 2 hour ferry ride, Newton Stewart is only a 40 mile ride for me! And from then on its glorious roads!

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Judging by your own photos, Andy, it’s not so bad where you are either.

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True, it’s beautiful here, its just a much smaller scale. I could find a lovely stretch of road here that could last 5 miles, a similar Scottish equivalent could be 25!

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Looks like a proper shithole :joy:

P.S. I’m referring to picture 4 :point_up_2:t3:

I know that. Eight shitholes to be precise. (There are more of them in the other Houses of Parliament.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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AKA shitehouses

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