Self-steering bikes (MCN)

Hands up everyone who’s buy one of these….thought not.

Scary enough thought in a car, let alone on a bike……

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My car has limited self-steering but it drives like it’s drunk. :laughing:

I’m not sure I want anything in control of my bike’s steering other than me!


Ffs! :thinking:

Given how stupid and oblivious people people are getting, autonomous driving is probably a good thing! Don’t fancy it on a bike though. A lot of, or most of the enjoyment is actually riding the thing! I think I could cope with the car driving me about though. I find driving a car a bit stressful sometimes. Its purely for getting from a to b for me and its a chore. Bikes are the complete opposite. Hopefully they will not become autonomous in my lifetime :crossed_fingers:


Like most I like to be in control of my own destiny. Definitely not for me.

No way. I like to control my own destiny.

So you’re not married, then? :grin:

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Yes I am, 47 years and still riding my bikes when ever I want to……


No but I have been x2