Speed Triple 2011, 3695 miles only from new

My brother is having to sell his beloved Speed Triple.
Due to knee surgery he’s not been able to ride it all. He purchased it in April last year with the anticipation that he would be able to ride it but due to restricted knee movement he has reluctantly decided to sell it.
It’s never been out in the wet and it’s a perfect example .
Ken Sims.


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Wow looks mint. Good luck with the sale. I must admit your story does worry me a bit as I’m now waiting to get my knee replaced. I hope I have a better outcome.


Should be snapped up as it looks spot on. Such a shame he has to get rid, I remember you posting he was getting it😟


Yes , he is really disappointed.It’s a lovely bike…
He tried a Tiger today and could sit on that ok , so if the Triple goes he may go that way…!

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Hi Wessa, you will need lots of physio and excercises to get back to normal

Thanks for that @Jakethepeg. Yep, that seems to be the way to have to go.

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At this rate we’ll all end up on Harleys :flushed:

Shoot me now!

I’ve had two, I got better.

In your opinion…

2 harleys?

No two opinions :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yes two Harleys.