Stop in the French Alps, I even accept Triumph riders

Hi, Just to let you know I’ve just completed a flat in my farm originally to allow my disabled brother in law to spent some days there.
I don’t want to make a business with that but will be happy to lend it for a bag a peanuts to any member of this community who needs a stop there.
Independent entrance with a lift from the barn, a garage for the bikes. 44 square m, bathroom, kitchen, 2 rooms.
Located on the heights of Aix Les Bains in the french Alps.


That sounds like a bargain and one to be considered. Thank you for thinking about us all. :smiley:


That’s very good to know. Eric

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What an excellent kind gesture @Hubaxe


Couldn’t agree more with all the above, that’s a very kind thing to offer people here. :+1: :+1:
Hope that your disabled brother in law, as a nice time there.

Thanks for the kind words.
Yes he had a nice week there and wants to come back as soon as he will be able to.
The 3 min movie of the event he created and came for, is released since a few days. I share it there. An occasion to see stunning drone views of the place we live (and my happy face during a second at 2:19). Some plans were shot from the Triumph.
A long version movie (20 min +) is ready for festivals.

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