Sunny weather, 12 degrees - Dales here we come

Well not quite, woke up to fog :rage:

Said it would clear by 10.00, it didn’t.

Sun appeared by 10.30 though so off we go. Basically got to the other side of the A19 and found the fog again :rage:

Tried avoiding it by riding south, but no luck, now down to 3.5 degrees - bugger. Miserable ride, wet roads, can’t see anything.

Headed for Helmsley and it did redeem itself by the time I reached Byland Abbey, and Wass Bank was bathed in sunshine. :sunglasses:

Thought I might get something to eat in Helmsley but back to 5 degrees and fog. Headed for home - bored now, but Bilsdale was gorgeous and sunny and no cars anywhere. Got back to Stokesley and decided to cut across to Saltburn by the Sea. Sunny all the way and 12 degrees!
Looking forward to lunch with a view but no, 5 degrees and an impenetrable sea fret - turned round and went home. Now have a filthy bike to wash :grimacing:


There is a pretty good weather app called Windy. It lets you tap into various CCTV cameras to visually check weather/fog in certain areas.