The 2023 Photo Competition is closed! Now get voting!

Thank you to all entrants.

Voting will stay open for one week only.

A reminder of how it works:

Voting and Adjudication

  • ‘Liking’ a post isn’t a vote. To vote for a photo you must click the Vote button on the post.

    Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 00.07.42

  • Votes are anonymous but you can see what you’ve voted for in your own profile.

  • The winner of the first prize will be the person who receives the most votes from the forum membership.

  • Members have twelve votes available. Only one vote can be cast per entry. Members do not have to use all twelve votes and may reallocate their votes at any time before the closing date for the competition.

  • Votes cast by a member for their own entry will be discarded after the competition closes and the results are verified.

  • If there is a tie for the first prize between three or more entries, voting will be reset and members may vote for one of the tied entries. If there is a still a tie for first place after the second round of voting it will be reset again for the remaining highest tied entries. When only two entries are tied, a final round of voting will determine the winner. If this results in another tie, the winner will be selected by an independent professional photographer.

  • If two or more photos are tied for the runners-up prize, resulting in more then twelve winners, the final selection will be made by an independent professional photographer.

  • Winners will be announced on the forum.

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