The beginning of the end for ICE bikes

One to keep an eye on.

I’M 65 So it’s unlikely I’ll be buying a new bike after 2035. More likely be buying a stair lift or if I’m unlucky a coffin…

I was laughing at the stair lift, not the coffin part.

I’m 73, so there are enough petrol bikes already in existence to see me out, and to supply enthusiasts for many years after. What worries me is how long petrol will be continue to be available. As the enforced shift to electric takes place, demand for petrol will drop, and I wonder how long filling stations will find it economic to continue to supply petrol.


Makes me want to start stockpiling T100 service parts and spares.

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I laughed at both…think I need to stipulate in my will no electric hearse…

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Mrs W is under strict instructions, NO country bench brass plaques

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