They don't make em like this anymore

The MIL said the light pull switch in her bedroom had stopped working. I fully expected a trip to B&Q to get another but on taking the cover off the problem was plain to see. The brass knurled fixing that attaches the cord to the light switch had come undone, so a few seconds later it was fixed. This switch must be at least 60 years old now and works perfectly now I’ve reattached the cord. It looks like it’ll outlast most of us


My MIL only recently threw away her microwave oven she bought in 1983 and still has a working hairdryer from when she was a teenager. She is 88. The hairdryer is asthmatic I think.


'83 must have been a good year for appliances, a cottage I bought had a dishwasher and washing machine left behind, both still working, both bought in '83.

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This microwave was the same size as a cottage :smiley:

Yep, my mum has an electric carving knife from the 80’s, still works like new and used every week for the sunday roast. Once featured as one of bullys prizes on bullseye :grinning:


Mum’s handy with the darts then? :slightly_smiling_face:

This one?

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This exact one, found it on google… still works perfectly and used almost every week!


There’s nothing wrong with electric carving knives…I used one tonight on the chicken though I wasn’t wearing a pinny…

I can feel a food mixer thread developing…

Tupperware party anyone…