Things that yank your chain

Half of them are empty, but you never know which… :rofl:


That’ll be why I never got any letters then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure yet. It’s in the planning stages, hence I was very interested in your routes…!
Have only booked the first night in Reims so far. I’m with a group of 4 car guys. Will work on the later stages shortly…!

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When we were in the Italian lakes last year we were told that the cameras only work/ can be used as if a police vehicle is next to the camera to verify the results. Also, I’m not sure that since we left the EU there is a legal tie up with the police sharing info…?

The sharing bit I’m not sure of- I certainly never got tickets sent to me from the UK (before AND after brexit). I did read this week that a camera in a wee village along the Passo Giao delivered in excess of €1,2 million in speeding fines last year… so go figure… I’m being careful here!

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Hi, yes i have the same issue with loud tinnitus, i put my head beside my wife’s, ear to ear i cannot believe that she cannot hear it also ! NHS do some great hearing aids.good luck.

I tried to watch the football a bit last night, what a tedious game. I’m not a soccer fan at all really and last night justified it… was that honestly meant to be the pinnacle of European football?


Didn’t even bother watching.
I haven’t heard of any violence (?), so at least the fans didn’t drag our country’s reputation down.

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And while in the “yank your chain” thread…
The dreaded 20mph disease seams to have finally spread to Cornwall. Every week I notice yet another village festooned with 20 signs. Occasionally they’re in places I’d be close to that anyway, but more often they’re inappropriate.
As usual Cornwall is slow to catch up on the fads of “up country” :slightly_smiling_face:
On the plus side the few camera vans we have tend to stick to the major roads, so the 20’s are being largely ignored.

The 20 limit in my home town has been extended out from the town centre to about a mile further along - which used to be 30 and was absolutely fine at that. Bizarrely there’s a side road off this part which goes immediately past the local primary school and that is still 30. Go figure!

The 20mph limits are everywhere here in Scotland, villages, towns, cities, everywhere. :angry:

I was doing 20mph in Glasgow a while back, dodging bus lanes and bus gates, and got overtaken by an electric bicycle who went straight through a red light and up a one-way street!! :crazy_face:


It’d be interesting to see any data on “rear ender” type collisions in these 20 limits. Thinking and braking distance is supposed to be 6metres each, in reality I would guess braking distance in a good modern car/bike with good tyres can be much less. And real thinking distance much more, because the driver will be bored, taking in the scenery rather than what’s in front.

When I was doing some advanced rider police training thing…I am almost certain that I was told that a number of roads we were to go on were national speed limit (60mph single carriageway) but were now 50s. And that the reason for that is partly because the change in speed allowed meant that the funding/responsibility for the road upkeep changes from Highways agency to local authority - or some such other.

I have wondered how true this is.

I have then often wondered, is the nonsensical swath of 20mph limits actually about funding?

Is it something like “Hey, local council if you take on responsibility of these you can reduce.the speed limits and keep your anti-car electorate happy”. So local authorities adopt these roads… hence their imposed silly 20mph limits?

Is it basically a “follow the money” situation if you want to establish why the 20mph rollout continues?

If I knew how or where to start investigating this, I think I would!

No other reason makes sense.