Today I have mostly been

Good luck mate…

Last day skiing today, home tomorrow TUI permitting

It was very busy today despite the photo with the locals coming out in droves, I suspect in case the white stuff dissappears over the coming weeks.


Not sure what line of IT you are in Saul but there’s a company called Triad that are doing a lot of Government IT contracts that have picked up a lot of work who are looking to recruit .
Just a thought …

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Project and programme management is my area. I’ll take a look at that site. Cheers.

More like when one door closes the garage doors open!!

Went to a foreign land with a strange language yesterday

All of my family are from Hoxton area East End of London, except my Nan who was from St Hilda’s Church in Welshland. She was left in this actual doorway and was named Hilda. I never knew. Bless her.

While I was over there I thought I’d visit the militaria fair in Brecon. (I used to regularly have a stall there to sell my battlefield relic artworks) and say hello again to some of the other stall holders.
And actually found something on a stall I’d been looking for. An ammo box in the right colour and for a 7.62 Nato round. This one is for the L1A2 practise rounds for the SLR rifle. (The ones with the ridges painted red so you know them in the dark.)
Same size rounds that were used in the R1 rifle and matching the ‘browns’ bush uniform.

I’ll be mounting it low down on the frame as a handy box for tools, sarnies, flask and of course, extra ammo for those longer shoot outs. :slightly_smiling_face:
Note the nice new clutch and belt conversion, goody gum drops.


That’s no way to treat an old lady.


Added the spirit bell


Today I have mostly been booking flights and accomodation for a 4 day break to Sevilla in March. Fed up with the cold and damp!


Today I’ve mostly been looking on Google maps at The Alps in the region of the German/Austrian border to get an idea of routes for June. Starting to get excited about my first foreign tour and seeing new scenery :smiley:


You’ll not be disappointed! Gorgeous area!

It’s just as bad here in the uk, shit short days and all soaking wet and cold…….
Luckily im in Fuerteventura! Till tomorrow!


Enjoy it while you can! :+1:

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Going there myself in a few months, dates undecided, might be doing it singular as my mate has too many track days booked and also other events. I’m looking at places that are off radar this time in Austria, kinda want to try and do the circumference but more interested in the east side to middle. Done the alps more than once and it’s a bit like ice cream, in my case I’ll just have some more!

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Plotting my route around the UK for the TOMCC Landmark challenge.


What are the two yellow ones in Cumbria?:thinking:

Can’t enlarge the map to read it properly but would like to know where the blue ones are, especially the one in the middle of the North York Moors. Doesn’t look like York.
One of the two further north looks like Hartlepool :sunglasses:

One is a National Trust property, the other an aviation museum.

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Darlington Railway Museum and, yes, Hartlepool, the oldest floating battleship.

Thanks for that - the railway and aviation museum make sense and you can’t miss the ship, it’s well signposted! :sunglasses:

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