Today I have mostly been

I just got the Yam more dirty than it was already with a trip to Manor Farm Cafe near Leyburn


FS365 yes! Bagging up, why?

Quite relaxed, I’d say.

Remarkably similar to the only thing I bought too!!

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Motorcycle Live for me at the NEC today - had a good day out (posted in the “show reports” thread).


Busy day doing DIY at home today, making the most of the dry weather. :sunglasses:

Jobs included jet washing a slimy concrete footpath, repairing decking (an excuse to use my new Dewalt mitre saw) and clearing what can only be described as grass turf in my gutters! :rofl:

No photos today because I actually left my phone in doors all day…Nice! :upside_down_face:



I probably won’t ride it now until the beginning of March, but IF the weather turns out good and there’s no salt about it’ll only take a couple of minutes to get it out.

Last winter because of the temperature fluctuations it was getting soaked with condensation when we went from a cold to a damp spell as both cars are also in the garage and putting them away wet just meant the bike literally got a soaking so I bought the Vacbag and now I’ve got it I might as well use it.

I blame @Wessa it’s his fault.

The man at the shop never told me they’re not supposed to get wet! :scream:
(I’m new to BMW’s)
Are they like Gizmo Gremlins?

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He wouldn’t…no they turn into cheese…

Salt’s the worst. I rode my 1st one to Jockistan in early May with less than 1000 miles on the clock. It was 4 degrees going over Shap on the M6 and the locals decided to go out spreading, by the time I got back home it’d made a bit of a mess of the rear disc carrier.

Shap is bleak even on a nice day…


It was sleeting and a tad windy at the time. SWMBO wasn’t amused, especially as we’d already had a nightmare trip up the M6 with stop start and stationary queues for miles from M5 jn 3 right up the bloody thing due to accidents and roadworks.

It’s November… :dizzy_face:
Xmas shopping is done on December 24 th.
It’s an unwritten bylaw in my house . I save the day every year…

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Yeah but that will be my part in the shopping done now except to pickup the meat on 23rd. I can relax until next year :smiley:

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Dubbin me boots…


I hope that’s not a euphemism.

It’s usually best to assume it is with me! :joy:

I’ve just finished waxing me stockman and wide-brim too! :grimacing:

Wiring in a cooker…bzzzzzzzz


Shocking behaviour

Buying computer components… building another one, for my nephew for christmas. About 650 quid got everything to build a well specd machine. Would cost double that to get a similar spec one from currys or 5 times that from apple!