Triumph 1902 Cafe, Hinckley

Can’t not put the cafe at Hinckley on the map. It’s nothing special but they do have (or had) an impressive rack of engines along the back wall. That was the first time I’d seen one for the Rocket. I couldn’t believe how big it was! (I’m no engineer - these things impress me. :grin: I tried to get a picture to show the perspective by having my other half put her hand on it but that photo still didn’t do it justice.

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Don’t forget the 2 floor museum next door!

Indeed. We went round that a couple of years ago. It’s definitely worth a look.

From memory they don’t serve that much food wise at the cafe but the museum is worth a visit.

Most cars (inc. SUV’s) are running smaller engines these days!
Edit: but buried under a shed load of emissions guff.

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