Triumph to drop Street name from range

Visor down report that “documents” leaked in Australia and America seem to suggest that Triumph will drop the Street name from it’s range in order to simplify things.

Reading further into the article, it concedes that whilst us Brits have no problem identifying one model from another, this may not be the case with our American friends.

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I feel that “Tiger” is overused.

Street and speed used to confuse me tbh.

Is that what you told the nice officer? :wink:

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Its confusing when people use abbreviations instead of typing the name of the bike

Come on Triumph we are not that stupid.

Aye but we’re talking about Americans here… I mean, they call a liquid, gas. :rofl:

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So, are they going to call it Speed Triple 800?

Actually that does make a lot of sense long the lines of Tiger 850, 900, 1200.

I also think it was a bit dumb calling calling the Trident with a faring the Tiger Sport 660. It should have been a Trident GT. Tiger should be reserved for the adventure style bikes.

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Tarmac Triple RS ?