Truss could scrap motorway speed limits

I somehow doubt this will ever come to pass. More likely a politician’s typical non-committal answer with no interest or intent behind it. But who knows…

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I predict carnage

Politically, at least.

I think the main argument against increasing the speed limit was environmental.

When we’re all running around in electric vehicles that argument won’t be so relevant.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure another argument will be brought to bear, though. Still, think of how much you could save on motorway traffic cops and speed cameras! :grin:

I’m pretty sure speed cameras are a profit centre. As good a reason as any to keep speed limits :slight_smile:

I’m in favour, as long as she then uses the motorway to leave the country permanently as quickly as possible…

Apart from the faster you go, the more frequently need to charge up from electricity that’s still in a large part generated by fossil fuels