Welcome to 1984

Sometimes you just want to bury your head!

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The sophisticated camera can measure the speed of a vehicle between 18mph and 155mph…


It is getting to the point where riding a motorcycle is just not tenable any more. North Wales on some of the favourite biking roads have all been restricted with cameras everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be blasting around all the time, but as an example the horse shoe pass has been restricted to 40 mph. Not worth going to the Ponderosa any more. I’m sure it is the same all over the UK.

I’m so happy to live in NI where we don’t have any of this shit… it’s probably only a matter of time though as we have our fair share of arseholes with obnoxiously loud pipes.

I won’t be leading any club rides to the Ponderosa again. Drakeford and his brown shoed Nzs are spoiling Wales, one road at a time.

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I like that Paul-brownshoes :grinning:

Dug this out too-l do like a bit of irony



One thing I’ve never understood is why we tolerate all these cameras. It only takes a bit of spray paint and they are useless. Not that I would encourage such delinquent behaviour mind.


Looking forward to seeing you shinning up the pole with a spray can in your hand Andy! :rofl: :rofl:

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Wales and the Peak District are unfortunate in being close to the English Midlands cities, so are vulnerable to visits by hordes of weekend warriors (as well as by upstanding folk like us, of course), so I suppose it’s not surprising if the Welsh police are cracking down a bit. Nearer to home, I’ve seen some quite mad riding on the Alston to Hartside road, which is in easy reach of the Newcastle area. Fortunately, although we get quite a lot of visiting bikers here in D & G, we’re a good distance from the urban centres and don’t seem to get so many of the eejits. So police and cameras are mostly notable by their absence, except on the A75 of course. Long may it continue.


Completely different experience in South west Wales, the police put out a few yellow plastic signs with a motorcycle graphic with “Gyrrywych ofalus” every spring, very occasionally a police bike will turn up at one of the biker cafe’s but other than that it’s a fantastic place for bikers. I dont think it’s a Drakeford thing, it’s more a North Wales police thing.