$1000 reward for info on 1966 Daytona

Someone may have the info CBS would like. Give them a shout if you have something. They are pretty good people - they’ve helped me out with a few bits from their store/workshop that’s in the middle of the desert.

Hi Iron sorry for the late reply as I have only just seen it, I can tell you the information although it will be lengthy, I can condense it down a bit though, now is the interest in the Daytona 500 machine perse, or the race machines that rode in the 1966 Daytona 500, as there is a difference. Well, this has opened up a fascinating subject, give me a while to post something back as I am busy at the moment with some refurbishment work.


Blimey that’d be great to see.

Would be worth getting in touch with Malcolm at CBS as he has one of the bikes. You never know, it might be just the info he wants. If he has a bike that you have info to prove it was actually in that race I expect he’ll want every scrap of info you have.
I suggest you contact him first before you do any work on it though just to confirm

Ok I’ll let you know how it goes; however I very much doubt he has an original factory machine, but you never know, and the history is amazing.