1976 t140v

Getting close to finishing off the build. I like to stick the carb’s studs in with blue threadlock so that the carbs are easier to get off without the studs coming out with the nuts.
I was thinking about filing flats on so that I can use a spanner to nip them up and also allow them to be held.

Then stuck the fat o-rings onto the carbs and noticed that they are Wassell rather than Amal. Never had any Wassells but they look pretty similar so went to bung them on. As they came with this bike, it was running, just about, but it was running, I thought they’d just slide on. Nope, the bolt holes were too narrowly spaced to just allow them to slip onto the studs. I’ll have to have a closer look at some point.

So, as I’ve got some Amals stashed. I tried those. And they slipped straight on.
I’m not so sure about the small bellmouths so I’ll dig out some longer ones I think. But nearly there. A few more bolt on bits and then it’s fluids.


It’s all looking really good mate :star_struck:

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I bet you have a large stash of “come in handys one day” that would make b&q blush :grinning:emphasised text


That’s a nice clean build with good pics!

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Looks luvverly does that!

Iron, what’s the purpose of the holes drilled through the fins on the head, please?

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Adie, thanks. The holes are there from manufacture on mid to late 70s heads. There’s a rubber insert (like a pencil) that joins all the fins together. Supposedly to stop them vibrating and making a noise. Can’t say I’ve ever heard any noise from the fins! If that’s the only noise you can hear then the engine’s not running and it’s windy :slightly_smiling_face:
I made a statement on TTF that I hadn’t seen any heads for years that still have the rubber insert. Now every head I have and have seen lately has them.

I’m always really pleased, I mean, really, when a new build actually starts. The electrickery takes me ages and although I know my way through it, there’s always a doubt.
I’ve added a voltmeter light (I was put onto these by someone on TTF I think - bugger if I can remember who it was - sorry whoever you are, and thanks). It’s a very clever piece of trickery that changes colour dependent on the voltage of the battery. It blinks red in different patterns depending on the voltage and even lets you know if it’s being over charged by the alternator. Very clever.
There’s also an oil pressure light. It comes on red with the ignition and goes out when pressure is ok.
I used to just have the oil pressure light that I put in the headlight shell but could never see it as it hid behind the speedo.
So, they are now just in front of the seat. One green (battery) one red (oil pressure) neat eh?


And it runs. It’s rough, well rough and blimmin noisy even with baffles. It may be too noisy for my liking. The carbs need a clean, one leaks a bit and I could do with some fresh petrol. A couple of other bits to sort but yeah there or there abouts :stuck_out_tongue:


Always a good read @Iron :smiley: :+1:
Love the bike - less is more - immaculate


Cool. No, supercool!

But your port and starboard lights are the wrong way round! Oooooh, HELLO SAILOR … :wink:


Played with it for a while wondering why it runs so rough. You know that saying “90% of carb problems are electrical and 90% of electrical problems are carbs”? Well, not in this case. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I usually make sure any carbs/parts that are stashed away are cleaned and ready to roll. Farted around with them for about a minute and took them off to clean anyway (those weenie jets are naughty little fuckers sometimes). First one taken apart and all cleaned out, second one…aha…not part of the pair, it was an older one off the Tiger. See, sometimes not worth cleaning things as they all look shiny.
Found the correct second one of the pair and checked with a clean, just in case (those weenie jets can be naughty little buggers) and hey ho, off we bloody go. :man_biking:


That looks the bollox @Iron
Cool as :star_struck:


Sweet bike :sunglasses: those pipes sound loud from just looking at the picture :+1:t2:


Beautiful bike Iron. Looks kinda horny.


Great work, I’m in awe with your skill and attention to detail :grinning:


Another 1976 almost finished (also on the other place). I need to get out more :neutral_face:

I just love the look of an air cooled twin. Nothing quite sounds like them either. Again, I need to get out more :neutral_face:

The white/red one above is in sick bay. Wet sumps terrible. I’ve checked everything and have even changed the PRV and oil seal in the timing cover with no improvement. Has oil pressure for a while then drops away to zero on tickover. So engine out and apart next - it can only be the crank or the sludge trap plug letting by. Annoyingly my fault as I’ve missed or arsed something up.


I’m not one for the single/bobber seats particularly but overall that’s a fabulous looking bike!


Yes, the jury is still out on the bates seat. I’m waiting for a pillion pad so I’ll see how that looks once it’s on. I’ll try for a home made ‘brat’ type seat or I may just try a glass fibre trackmaster tank. I’ve no experience with glass tanks and ethanol fuel and was waiting for an alloy trackmaster but that never materialised.

Looking forward to seeing the results. What do you do when you’ve finished the project, sell it on?

Room dictates that I’ll have to if I want to keep the spanners from getting rusty :neutral_face: