2010 1050 Sprag clutch


I don’t necessarily have any reason to be concerned, beyond a general pessimistic outlook…so, just incase, is there a brief summary of what the sprag clutch issue is on these bikes?

What’s the issue?
What are the symptoms?
How easy to home repair?
Costs/ease of parts?

Thanks for any info.

I guess it only affects the starter. Don’t know much about.
I’ve seen something around 400£ for that part.

Sprag clutch issues were a problem on earlier Triumphs but not sure it still is on newer models. I don’t recall anyone having problems on the 1050.
I do know that previously damage was usually caused while trying to start with low battery power, and this is why Triumph now program the ecu to inhibit start attempts when voltage is low. This is why you will often here owners not being able to start their bike (won’t turn over the engine) and is simply solved with a new battery.
A much more common issue with the 1050 engine is a sticky (main) clutch, Triumph modified the lifter (and plates I think) on later versions, which seems to have solved this.
Otherwise a great, solid, trouble free engine IMO.
(I’m a big fan :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Or you can watch this… :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


That’s a very reassuring post, thank you!

I am inclined to love my bike as well…specially now I’ve just had the headers all welded up :heart_eyes:

Hope that went well, we need pictures (or it didn’t happen :wink:)

“Clean old gasket off with a chisel” :roll_eyes: