2010 Tiger 1050 abs

Evening…so, I am back doing a relatively short urban, traffic heavy commute and am getting, perhaps…if i chanced it 170m per tank?

It is certainly not economical riding; I am quite spirited :relaxed:

Just wondered how that fares compared to others/expected?

With my Sprint 1050 ST, short local riding (mountain area, city) I can’t do better that 140 miles per tank.
On road and motorway even speeding over legality, I can do 190 m/tank.
count on an average 17/18l refill, I don’t wait too much before refilling.

So your mileage looks pretty logical to me.

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Agreed, l did once get well over 200 miles in rural France when l couldn’t find a filling station, but average refill point was 170. Does the Tiger have that shit fuel gauge that doesn’t register full until about 10 miles after you leave the garage? :smile:

Yes, that’s the one!!

Did some calcs…and mileage brim to brim. Urban/traffic heavy commute and getting 43mpg.

Doesn’t seem so bad I guess…

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