2013 Trophy Question

Bit of random question. I have a friend who lives in Ecuador and he has the possibility of buying a Trophy (Year 2013). He likes the bike but is concerned that he may not be able to get parts for this model. Does anyone know if parts for the Trophy are easy to get in the UK or anything about dealerships in Ecuador? Any thoughts on reliability in general?


Hi. Welcome to the forum! I don’t know much about the Trophy but someone will probably be along tomorrow who does.

I couldn’t find any Triumph dealers in Ecuador but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t importing parts. I did see some for sale.

Thanks, Octoberon. It seems the bike he’s got his eye on was made shortly after production started and could be quite complex (shaft drive, etc.) so if something goes wrong he’ll be stuck with it. My experience is that it’s best to buy a few years after production starts so any teething troubles have been ironed out. Sadly I don’t have a bike of my own at the moment but I’m planning to move to warmer climes in a couple of years and plan to buy one then (Triumph, of course!). -L

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I looked into them a few years ago as an update for my older trophy 1200/4. The 2 problems that stuck in my head were the early ones, some had problems with their cylinder heads/valve train. I think it was fixed in post 2015 ones but you’ll need to read around to check. There was an upgrade that triumph did on the affected early ones but it wasn’t a recall, so may not have been done on all of them. The other problem was seized/snapped rear suspension linkages because they had not been maintained/greased regularly.
I’m no expert and have no hands on experience and this was just from internet forum searches from way back when also I have no idea about spares either.
There is another forum on the web dedicated to them that will have all the answers. See www.triumph-trophy.com

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Thanks, that’s very helpful. I am going to recommend that he doesn’t buy it unless there’s a local dealer.

Sadly I have zero knowledge to impart, but just thought I’d welcome you in to the forum!

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