2017 Street Twin Regulator/Rectifier Wiring Issue

After a run I noticed that my headlamp dip beam had disappeared. Looking into this I found the dip beam filament had blown. A simple repair which requires getting access to the headlamp. While I was doing this and fitting a new bulb I spotted an issue with the regulator/rectifier wiring where the insulation was broken exposing the internal wiring.

I believe this is the result of turning lock to lock pulling on the wiring. I checked many forums for a fix and came across a relocation bracket made by a French company (BAAK). Not the cheapest when you include postage but I ordered one and it was delivered yesterday.

The bracket fits behind the radiator and I fitted it this morning. Very simple with small hands and works a treat. On the latest Speed Twin 900 the regulator/rectifier is now located behind the radiator so I don’t think there will be an issue with cooling.

I also fitted some cable protection at the headstock to reduce rubbing from the clutch cable (the updated clutch cable bracket was fitted a long time ago)


Fitting instructions as provided by BAAK

I know this was an issue on the air / oil cooled bonneville too, can’t believe they haven’t fixed it since 2016, or maybe I can. Hope it works out with the relocation bracket though it’s not where i would choose to place it.

Well spotted!

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Good job. Sorted now :+1: