2020 speed twin 1200 not turning over

Hi all, I purchased this bike used last year from an owner that did many mods to the bike. Dyno fuel injection, upgraded cam ect. It rides great. Once last year the bike wouldn’t start. Same as the video below. I figured it was the battery and charged the battery for and hour or so and the bike started up no problem. Today I installed a new battery, charged it fully and now the bike is doing the same thing as last year except it’s not turning over at all. Sometimes it seems the whole bike resets all the gauges and settings. I unplugged the spark plugs and it’s still making the same noise, nothing changed. Any ideas ?

Attempted startup example video

Can’t help you I’m afraid, but welcome to the forum!

Hi Ben, welcome in.
Seeing that initially it seemed to be a battery problem and assuming you haven’t touched anything else I would start by checking the main battery leads first. Disturbing them when fitting the new battery may be the issue, check ALL connections both ends for security.
Failing that, check/clean the connection to the ecu, Triumph firmware prevents starting if the ecu is seeing low voltage, losing settings suggests that might be happening (although a simple battery disconnect will do that to some).

Edit: watched your video after writing all that. :laughing:
That symptom is classic ecu seeing low voltage and prohibiting a start (to protect starter sprag clutch).
Best way to confirm a battery issue is to connect a car battery with jump leads. If it starts the new battery may be faulty or you have a bad connection to it.


The bike is allowing an attempt to start but seems like your (New) battery aint got the juice, possibly a bad cell. Use another battery or , jump from your car battery ,car does not need to be running, I think it will fire straight up ( er :expressionless:maybe :grinning: ish).


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Hi and welcome to the forum and good luck!

You say upgraded cam. The standard cam has a decompression mechanism built in to aid starting which I suspect the aftermarket cam does not. I put a TEC cam in a thruxton which done away with the same mechanism. This is probably what’s happening. You may have to replace with a stronger battery.

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Typical shit unwanted CAN-bus system. I bypassed it on my 2013 and never had a problem again. If you run a positive jump lead to the starter (presumably you have basic skills) and to the battery you’ll probably find it can’t do anything but start perfectly

Wow, this place is awesome! Didn’t think I’d get so much help. Will try and replace with another battery and will update on results.

Thanks so much!