2023 MotoGP Weekend Format


There are many reasons why I’m looking forward to this season, be interesting to see how this new format pans out :thinking:

I’m curious but I remain to be convinced about sprint races.

Is it half points for sprint races?

Half distance. Half points.

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It will be interesting to see how that pans out. I think it could be good as it’s completely separate from the main race and offers decent points.

I think the problem that F1 has with sprint races is that it sets the grid for the main race, so the leading drivers can’t afford to crash out or be spun off, so it’s usually very processional at the front end.

I’m not a big fan of the sprint races in F1. Not that I’ve watched the last season. Fallen out of love with it in recent times. Sprint races for the bike might work better with the greater ability to overtake, although aero is starting to create problems like it did in F1.

Like in WSBK sprint races, there shouldn’t be the need to ‘save’ the tyre, so tactics out the window. Elbows out, fastest wins. (I hope)

Edit: seen many comments from riders about the added risk of injury and fitness (more events this year too), so may prove significant.
And not to mention the whinging about pay and bonuses for the sprint.

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I’ve seen some info on riders pay, what amazed me (if correct) is that last year Aprilia paid Espargaro only $0.75m and Vinales $10m. :scream:
Seems they’ve corrected things for 2023.

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I don’t think anyone at Aprilia was expecting Aleix to be challenging for the title in 2022. I don’t suppose anyone was happier that he did, and his value should quite rightly have shot up. The gauntlet is laid down for Maverick now.