2024 Scrambler X and XE review [Visordown]

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A very positive review from the Visordown people. Anyone in the market for a new Scrambler, apart from the 400?

Interesting to see Triumph opt for different front suspension on the XE front opting for Marzocchi opposed to Showa and do away with Ohlins on the rear.
Is this down to cost or is Marzicchi equally as good?

Reading the review it seems that there’s been no reduction in ability because of the suspension switch and in the case of the X (compared to previous XC) the bike has been repositioned as more road biased and is probably all the better for it. I’m sure costs have been a factor, but it’s possible that Triumph were able to work with Marzocchi to get the precise set up they wanted rather than having to compromise with the previous Showa/Ohlins combo.

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The X is a step in the right direction, but I’ve never understood why there isn’t a 1200 Street Scrambler, i.e a 1200 version of the current Scrambler 900 with the low seat height of the 900, better suspension than the 900, twin discs, 19 inch front wheel, tubeless tyres, and the simpler electronics of the 900.

Be honest, do you really make use of the riding modes? I can’t even tell the difference between “road” and “sport” on my XE! :slight_smile: