400X Scrambler (loan bike)

The Tiger was in for a service today, so I borrowed the dealerships 400X Scrambler for a few hours.

It’s a handsome machine, I like it, quite tall and certainly not a small bike. Overall the fit & finish is very good, belying its price. The only area I would pick up on is the switch gear and its plastic housings, which look a bit cheap and cheerful, but feel solid enough and work well.

I like the way it rides, the riding position is good, quite roomy with wide bars and a comfortable seat. The suspension was a bit firmer than I expected for a scrambler style bike, but not harsh and it handles very well. The only issue I had was with the gear lever, which I struggled to get my toe under for up-shifts although I’m sure I would get used to this in time - it just always felt a bit awkward.

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance. It pulls quite adequately up to about 60 or 70 mph and on the small b-roads around here that’s about as fast as I’d want to go on any bike. And small b-roads is where this bike is at its best, feeling very light and agile - lots of fun.

It’s quite low geared, which undoubtedly helps it’s low speed performance (it feels quite peppy up to 60 mph), but 60 mph = 6000 rpm so by 70 it’s feeling quite buzzy and sounds like it’s revving its little single cylinder head off! I’ve no doubt it would hold 70+ mph without a problem - you just wouldn’t want to. It also makes a nice noise, but Triumph have always been good at making their bikes sound nice as standard in my experience.

The display consists of a large analog Speedo and an LCD display which gives you loads of additional info, including a tacho which is too small to be very useful, but frankly a 40hp single cylinder bike doesn’t need a tacho any more than it needs rider modes or traction control. Speaking of which, it does have traction control (which you can switch off) and an “off road” mode. The display includes an average mpg reading which read 81mpg when I picked it up - very good when you consider this a demo bike.

So, overall I was very impressed. It’s a lot of fun on minor roads, where it’s in its element.

Would I buy one? Absolutely yes!
Will I buy one? Not for the time being.

I can’t justify to myself the cost of buying and running a third bike, especially when I know it would get very little use, and I certainly wouldn’t be prepared to sacrifice my Tiger 900 or Speed Twin for one. If I decide in the future to change bikes, then the 400X Scrambler will certainly be a contender.

Talking with the sales chap, he told me that they pre-sold their entire 2024 allocation. They have managed to get some additional bikes coming through, but no more Khaki green versions until September. They have a few black and red coming through for June.

In other news, my Tiger 900 service came to £339 :grimacing: Blimy! Another reason not to add a third bike. I am just a poor pensioner these days.


Thanks for writing up your experience, Neil. Very interesting to hear your thoughts. It looks like Triumph have another winner on their hands. I’m still keen to take one out, though I prefer the Speed 400 for looks.


Thanks for the review; it’s a lovely looking bike. I think I’d like to try one.


Good review. I guess if you are looking to down size it could be a good option.


Great review. Triumph are releasing some great bikes that cover a lot of different experience levels and age demographics.
Good to see.


£339 for a 900 Tiger service, what mileage please?

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It was the first actual annual service following the 600 mile running in service. The bike has covered 2133 miles.

I was a bit shocked :flushed:


My tiger 660 is due its first service next month. I’m wondering whether to do it myself if the dealer is going to charge that amount. I think I will be asking for a quote before booking it in☹️

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Did you ask what they did to justify that cost and where it said in Triumph’s service schedule that what was done was necessary as at that age and milage that seems excessive to me.

Do they have a Ducati dealership at the same site too?

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I’ve just looked in my owners manual for the ditchpump and the 1st annual cost would include a standard scope service, oil and filter change plus complete brake fluid change. This happens on year 3 too if you’ve not done 12,000 miles by then as that’s a major service. Last year my GS was 3 years old wil low milage and is on the same schedule so had a repeat of the 1st year service and the cost at BMW Motorrad Cheltenham was £248. Years 2 and 4 would be without the brake fluid change so around the £200 mark, so £339 sounds excessive to me.

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The service cost is what it is, but it has now become significant enough to start influencing my decision on whether to add a third new bike to my garage.

I said as much when completing the customer feedback form from the dealer. I should add that I’m very happy with my dealer, their after sales department is excellent.


Ouch! I have never had annual servicing, I always beat the calendar with my mileage. I bought my 900 in May 23 and have 10,500 miles on it.


Well i now treated or should i be honest and say my Darling said she would treat me to the 400 Street Scrambler as my retirement gift. So i have spoke to Jason at Bulldog and ordered one in either red or black or a combination of both colours. Now on the list and waiting.


Congratulations on a new bike and retirement Joe🎉
What a great lady you have in your life (I do too by the way :kissing_heart:)


Congratulations! They’re a great bike.

I’m still tempted myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dawsy. Yes there are a few of us on here that are so blessed. Yes looking forward to getting the bike and testing it . Bulldog did ask me if i wanted a test ride but i would rather wait and have my own. Joe


Yes thanks. Quite looking forward to it and bulldog are pulling out all the stops to make it happen asap. They are a great Bunch. I will of course do a write up and pictures when i stop playing with it. Joe


What a lovely thoughtful gift Joe, the bike will be even more special now as a retirement gift I am sure.