955i keeps stalling

hi ive a tiger 955i on an 06 year. 6 weeks ago the bike, when riding ,began to lose power when going up hill but then was fine. so i decided to put e5 fuel in it. just in case that was the problem …but it has carried on doing so, then it got worse by starting and then stalling. so i put some jet cleaner in it a couple of weeks ago but that didnt help either.so i started the bike today and all was fine. i moved it around the corner just to check the chain its was ticking over fine for a few mins then stalled. then i wodnt start ,so i pushed it on to a bit of flat ground and after trying to start it for a couple of mins it started.it was very rough ideling stalled a couple a times then once i got it started again and revved it a few times it now sounds ok. so now i dont want to take it out as i think the problem it definatley getting worse and dont want to break down,any help woukd be great.thanks

Just thought I’d say welcome to the forum but, disappointingly for you, I don’t have the expertise you require :grimacing:. Plenty on here do though so hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of the issue!!

Welcome to the forum! I’ve moved your post over to the Tiger section just to make sure all the Tiger people definitely see it. Like @MrsVisor , I don’t have an answer but there will be people here who can help.

thanks . and hello

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thanks very much and sorry i never put it in the right place

Hello and welcome @thebear ,

Are all your rubber fuel hoses and fuel filters in good order? Worth having a check for integrity

No worries.

i havnht had a look at anything yet.but will do on saturday. just thought id ask on here first be i start pulling out fuel pump.ect which i know is working…seems to be ok…ish when the bike is on the flat for some strange reason

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When was the last time it was serviced and by who?

Yes it was serviced last may. Plus have new tyres. brakes. Values done

Fuel filter, plug leads, oxygen sensors, vacuum hoses, loom connector blocks, blocked injectors, battery and leads?? I’d work my way through those first.