A day out and about on the Central Coast

A few pictures from a day out and about on the Central Coast region of NSW, Australia. A very pleasant day out with my Street Triples European friends, a BMW F800 and KTM 990 adventure, a slight breeze and a pleasant 28 deg. perfect riding weather.

chatting at the meet point

Coffee Stop at Laguna

Lunch at Spencer, by the Hawksberry River. what’s not to like


Looks lovely! I’m so hoping we get a decent summer here in the UK this year.

We can all live in hope :+1:

I have weather envy in the extreme!!! That looks like a perfect day’s ride.

This was me coming home from work this morning in the floods:

Has it been raining a bit down there? Here it’s dry, with clear blue sky and sunshine. (It’s also hovering just above freezing in the day, and below freezing at night.)
UK winters are either freezing or soaking. Oh well, I suppose we can be thankful that we don’t have poisonous snakes and spiders to contend with.


We’ve had really severe flooding over the past week or so; been subsiding since yesterday morning really but still lots of road closures and all of the fields are under water. Lovely and sunny today and for the foreseeable I think but temps like yours :+1:.

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What sort of a helmet is that?? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: