A fine day out, with my new Ikon shocks

Had a splendid run out today, and used my new Ikon shocks for the first time. They were indeed an improvement on the Triumph originals, which have no damping adjustment. Internet research on the Ikons seemed to find a consensus that, for solo use, it was best to set the spring load at the softest setting, but the rebound damping one step harder, i.e. no.2. This did indeed seem to work well. Compared to the Triumph items, which were a bit jolty on rough roads, the Ikons definitely gave a more supple and compliant ride, but still kept everything under control on corners, with no yawing or seesawing. So I was well pleased with them.
I was also trying out my new Schuberth helmet, which I will make a separate report on, and was also very pleased with.
I headed from home to Dumfries by the Military Road, then north up Glencairn to Moniaive, a lovely unspoiled village, then took the lonely road through the hills towards Carsphairn.

I was going to Carsphairn in search of the Green Well of Scotland: a place which appears on large scale maps and has always sounded interesting and romantic. About a mile north of the village, just before the A713 bridge over the Water of Deugh, I parked beside a cottage and walked a hundred yards or so up a farm track, and there it was.

It is a very deep black pool, about 30 feet across, which was reputedly bottomless, was supposed to have medicinal powers, and which the local minister in the 1700s forbade the villagers to visit. There was also a legend that someone secreted his gold in it (presumably he hadn’t heard about it being bottomless).

From there I headed by one of my favourite roads towards Gatehouse of Fleet, being rewarded by a splendid view of the Isle of Man.

Finally, from Gatehouse, I rode home via Carrick shore and the Islands of Fleet.

120-odd miles, and a fine day out. :grinning:


Fantastic pictures! Although that’s not hard in your part of the world :grinning:


A fine day out indeed. Your pictures aren’t to shabby either. :grinning:


Could you hear the bikes noise from the Isle?

I thought about that and listened carefully, but couldn’t hear anything. The wind was probably in the wrong direction.


I sent a night camping on the side of Loch Lomond, years ago, the night Oasis played. Never heard a note.


Was that because (a) you were p*ssed, or (b) they were playing in Manchester?

Absolutely stunning scenery and weather - pleased the new shocks worked out well for you too.


Thanks. The weather here has been warm (about 20 degrees), dry and sunny for two or three weeks now, and the forecast seems to be for it to continue for the rest of the month. It’s very nice for bike riding, but I hope our water supply doesn’t dry up. :grimacing: A little bit of overnight rain would come in handy.

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Up in Scotland on Monday till Thursday so hold that weather :grin:


You should be in luck: no change forecast here in the south west at least. Where are you going?

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Up to Musselburgh first day, through the Cairngorms to Inverness, over towards Applecross somewhere, down through Glen Coe to Dumbarton then home Thursday. Following mymates plan which seems pretty good.

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That sounds great. I know the west side from Applecross down to Dumbarton pretty well from when we had our holiday house in Skye. The east side not so well, although the East Neuk of Fife is well worth a visit.

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Will have a discussion over a beer with the lads when we’re in the digs :smiley: Cheers @Dave49

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We two, too (tutu?) are heading up there - but in the camper - later this week to walk the Rob Roy Way (Drymen to Pitlochry) and maybe add some additional destinations en route.

I’d be most grateful if you’d keep the weather dry - at least - please Dave until around the 16th? :smiley:



Scottish weather is currently looking good for the rest of the month. Mind you, the sun always shines here. :crossed_fingers:

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Ssshhhhhhh! Adding more characters